Re: Wireless Logon - Newbie type Question

Its called a Captive Portal.
You connect to their wireless, then open a web browser. It should
automatically take you to the logon page.
Once you logon, you can then access the internet as usual.

"Dave Lee" <DaveLeeNC@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have a wireless card in my (Vista) laptop and mostly just use it on my
home wireless network.

I am now traveling and have spent a couple nights in different hotels with
"wireless internet".

In the first hotel I believe it was their problem.

In the second location I was able to connect to the hotel's router but not
able to get an internet connection. The lobby said to log in with "guest"
and "guest" (ID/PW). But I couldn't figure out how to get a logon screen.
And I didn't care much so I didn't try much.

Tonight I had the same problem (although this time they gave me an ID and
PW that made it appear like they actually managed their network to some

I mucked around with all the connection, diagnose, disconnect/reconnect
options that I could find. One finally let me to a URL specific to (from
what I can tell) whoever built this network. I could access this URL
(despite not being connected to the internet), typed in the ID/PW, and all
worked fine. I'm guessing that this URL was actually 'hosted' by the
wireless router.

Now for the question - what is the normal procedure for logging onto
semi-public networks like you find in a hotel (when they require ID/PW)?