Re: DLink using bad caps?

On Mar 21, 5:32 pm, "Eric" <n...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

As I recently posted, one of my main wireless routers (DI-764 802.11a/b)
finally died completetly after six years of use. The 802.11a radio had died
a few months back, but by then I was only using the router portion of the
DI-764 as I had a WAP (DWL-7100AP 802.11a/gb) attached to it.

I've since ordered a wired router to replace the old DI-764 (waiting on it
to arrive from Newegg), but thought I would play around with the old DI-764
and see if I could actually fix the thing. Upon opening it up, I noticed
that one cap had completely bursted while another one was buldging. First
trip to a Radio Shack proved fruitless as that particular store (at a mall)
no longer sold components. The sales clerk didn't even know what a
capacitor was. She kept asking me if it was some sort of interconnect!

Anyway, today while lunch at work, I went to a regular Radio Shack and got
new caps. I then soldered the new caps onto the mainboard and the DI-764,
to me disbelief, was fully operational again!

Once I got home, I decided to look into another D-Link WAP that I have since
it has just started acting a little flakey. Sure enough, one of the caps
inside it is starting to buldge. This particular WAP has only been running
for a little over a year.

Ok, I guess I shouldn't really complain about six years of 24/7 operation,
but should they be crapping out after only a year? Is D-Link saving a few
pennies by using poor quality caps?

If you could photograph the bad caps and where they were located,
upload the photo, then readers at could
diagnose the problem.

I do salute your effort to fix the problem.