Hardware Review Website and USB WiFi Adapter advice Needed

If anyone knows of any really good websites for reviews and side by
side comparisons of hardware, feel free to post them in this thread.

Recently I found a need for using wireless ( wifi ) to access the web
and all I need is a couple of good USB WifI adapters ( dongles ) to
build myself a cantenna. But I'm on a tight budget and trying to find
one that works with Windows 98, that offers as many of the benefits
available as is possible, isn't all that easy.

So, I was thinking that someone out there in html land might consider
making a website where people could actually find information for
comparison of factors other than just price. I'm thinking of a web
page where I could enter my needs for the USB WiFi adapter, such as;
being able to state the one or more operating systems that I might use
with it, whether or not I want, or need wpa2, 802.11"b", "g", or "n",
etc... Then have it tell me which USB WiFi adapters are compatible and
show me ratings, reviews and pricing (as the last step) for each

The websites I've seen so far, (keep in mind I'm using painfully slow
dialup), include CNET, ZNET, along with assorted other NET and geeky
named sites that are so bloated with advertising with minimal useful
info. The one site I found semi-useful was Amazon, only because the
item I was looking at had high ratings on other sites and most people
who reviewed the same USB WiFI adapter on Amazon said it had poor
reliability and got seriously hot, to the point of being a potential
fire hazard, (it was a big name brand item).

As things stand, I've had to do so many searches that I'm ready to say
screw it and buy some cheap piece of junk from China, (which is likely
where most of them are made anyway), and just go with that for now. I
know that so long as I continue to use Win98, I'm going to have to
make due with slower speeds anyway, but I do plan to upgrade to Win2K,
or Win XP soon, so for now at least I need something that is Win98



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