Re: Another USER might be logged on?

"Dave_s" <group78@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Kris wrote:
Dave_s writes:
Occasionally, when the wired desktop is turned off, XP often asks at
shutdown, "Other USERS might be logged on, do you really want to
shutdown and risk them, loosing data"?
Not sure of exact message.

Always when I am asked this question, the other two wireless PCs have
been OFF all day. Is it possible that another USER [not part of my LAN]
is really logged on?

Next time you get the message, close all your Internet-using apps and
use TCPView to see what programs have open connections.

If you don't share files between PCs, you can "unbind" file sharing from
the network/wireless interface.

You say you are using WEP. WEP is just "encoding" (this alleged
"encryption" is now basically as effective as ROT13) and you must change
to WPA immediately with a non-dictionary or multi-word passphrase.

I understand the limitations of WEP. My very old router only allows WEP. I
must buy another router to use WPA.

Two of the PCs on LAN are laptops with small hard disks.
The third PC is a desktop with large hard disk. As I install [new] WIN XP
PRO on a laptop, I download files through LAN from the desktop's large
drive. I think that is file sharing. Would not be easy to move files
between PCs via LAN without file sharing. If I understand, I cannot stop
file sharing through the LAN. I may be confused, please comment.

in place of WPA -
use MAC filtering to restrict wireless access to only those systems you have
defined their Ethernet (MAC) hardware address.

If you print from the WiFi laptops via the wired machine or in other ways
touch it remotely - it will potentially show up as having other "users".