Re: Wireless & Microwaves

seaweedsteve <seaweedsteve@xxxxxxxxx> hath wroth:

Well-known phenomenon, no doubt about it. One of the most common
sources of interference. Another is 2.4 GHz cordless phones. Then
other wifi signals also interfere.

Metal will shield microwaves, by the way. It might be possible to
shield the oven from the wifi zones....

Not exactly. Metal will *REFLECT* microwaves. They bounce around and
just create intererence from a different direction. If you want to
block RF *and* prevent re-radiation and reflection, use an absorber,
not a reflector. I have one customer where an aquarium serves the
purpose. At another, I have a large sheet of carbonized foam (used
for anti-static IC packaging) sandwitched between two sheets of
aesthetically tolerable white cardboard. A wet towel will also work
but usually fails the practicality test.

Anyway, shielding between wi-fi and a cordless phone is not a good
answer. That's because the user of the wi-fi client and the cordless
phone are generally far too close together for a shield to be

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