More questions on tuning my wireless network...

I compiled some other questions I can't get any answer to. (either I
am not asking them right, or no one really knows)


I noticed my APs often change Transmission Speed...
It varies widely, usually between 11 Mbps and 54 Mbps.

If I configure dd-wrt to use 24 Mbps by default, will it improve

Can this frequent switching between transmission speeds cause jitter
in terms of latency?


Wireless parameters are often undocumented by vendors of cheap
wireless equipment. (Examples: Linksys, Netgear)

Is there a good reference on how/when to tweak these parameters?

I am particularly interested in anything that can improve signal
strength and/or reduce latency.


Please help me clarify which antenna I should prefer:

2 possible models are:

The context is an apartment with some wall and kitchen appliances
between 2 WRT54GL AP in WDS mode. Both APs are on the same floor.

Should I prefer "spatial diversity" or "polarization diversity"?

There are about 35 APs in my immediate surroundings.

According to the dd-wrt interface, signal strength (as reported by
both my APs) is between 40% and 50%.
I thought I would improve this a little.

I also noticed the Transmission Speed between my 2 APs changes a lot,
between 11 Mbps and 54 Mbps.

There are probably 100+ APs in a 4 acres radius around me.

Otherwise, my situation is like that:

1 AP handles my DSL, 1 workstation and 1 server.

The other AP is in another room, at the other end of the apartment. It
used to be set up in Client Mode, with 2 game consoles connected to

In that other room, I also use 2 laptops and 1 PSP, which need
Internet access.
When the second AP was set up in Client Mode, the 2 laptops and the
PSP got wireless access from the first AP.
Now, with WDS, they hook up to the second AP with excellent signal

So, based on my current set-up, I only need to make sure the link
between my 2 APs is rock solid and all my clients will get excellent
coverage with little jitter.

In the middle of Silicon Valley, it seems everyone and their dog runs
a wireless network.