Re: Trouble connecting with public hot spots

"Rick.Pearl" <Rick.Pearl@xxxxxxxxx> hath wroth:

When using public hotspots sometimes I am able to connect to an
unsecure connection, even though no passwords are required After
receiving visual signal strength, I am unable to vist any webpages or
download email. My browser tries to connect to a page and never does
so. Are these not public hotspots? Is there some other setting I need
in order to connect?

Public does not equal free. Un-encrypted does not mean wide open.

Many hot spots do not have encryption enabled. You can connect, but
you find nothing. You need to use their VPN software in order to
login, authenticate, and complete the connection. However, all of
these give you a opening splash page with instructions when you
initially connect, even without their software. It should display
something, but apparently doesn't. Have you considered asking the
"public" hotspot operator for connection instructions?

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