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Here is my situation:

I rent an apartment on the first floor of a house. My landlord has his
offices upstairs. There, he has a cable modem and a Linksys WRT54GS.
That router is then connected into a wall socket using an ethernet
cable (I assume the other end is in one of the LAN ports of the

Then, on my floor, I connect my wall socket to my router, a Linksys
BEFW11S4 (Version 3). The only way my router works consistently is to
connect the wall socket to the Uplink port of my BEFW11S4. However,
it's only wired connections that work; I have never been able to get
wireless working. Because of client confidentiality, my landlord does
not want me to use his wireless connection, so I need some way to get
mine working.

Several articles explain how to set up my router as an access point. I
have tried the method described (switching the Device IP address,
disabling DHCP, changing SSID and channel), but again, things only
work using the Uplink port. I can never seem to make a direct LAN-LAN
connection (the lights on my router never come on). And I can never
get wireless working.

If you are trying to connect the LAN port of your router to the LAN port
of his router, you will need a ethernet crossover cable.

That should take care of the physical layer.

Any thoughts on where the problem might be? Or maybe a way that my
landlord could give me wireless internet access using his WRT54GS that
would not give me access to computers on his network? I really
appreciate any help!

If he's giving you access to the LAN side of his router, then he's
probably already giving you access to his network, unless he his handing
you the DMZ port.

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