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Like I say, information is scarce. You don't have a clue what you are
getting. No specifications, and they all want around 60 to 80 a month
and you don't know if that includes cell phone service. I guess they are
trying to prevent proliferation. They sure are suppressing information.
It's like a 'pot luck' service.

No idea how you arrived at the guess they are suppressing information when
everything you want to know is on their respective websites.

In a nut shell:

Data services (internet access) tops out at $60-$80 for unlimited data
transfers. Lesser costs for fixed transfers, but overcharges if you go
over the plans data transfer plan.

Theses rates apply to both your laptop tethered to you cellphone or your
laptop with a data connection card.

You can have a data plan added to your cellphone's voice plan for
tethering and pay the above rates. Speeds are slower than if you used a
data connection card.

You can have an exclusively data connection card plan for the above rates.
Connection cards start out at $40 after rebate and a term commitment.

Cingular has just added a Express Card form factor card to their PCMCIA
selections. I don't know about the other carriers.

If you use your connection card SIM in a cellphone, you get charged an
extremely high rate. I'm open to correction if I didn't state that
correctly. I do not know the charges when you stick a cellphone SIM into a
data card.

I don't know about the other carriers, but you cannot run a server of any
sort with Cingular, unless you pay a very high setup fee and monthly fees
for a static IP address. I seem to recall I was told there was a $2,000
set fee, but that information is also on the Cingular website - you just
have to dig for it.

No one is suppressing information. All the specifications and details are
available on their respective websites. Cingular is not trying to prevent
proliferation, their business accounts department told me data services
are a high income service for them.

Sprint has $59.99 unlimited data for their Rev. A EVDO cards with basically
no restrictions. Download is running 700k - 1.4m in the Seattle area and
upload between 400 and 700k. You can also get a $99.99 business package for
"always on" users. I think this would support a server. Sprint allows
Phone-as-modem (I use my BB 8703e this way and download at 760k) with
unlimited usage included in the $39.99 data plan.

You need to look at coverage maps for the various carriers in the areas you
live/travel then pick the one you like. Phone-as-modem is good for light
use or if you don't mind missing phone calls otherwise a dedicated modem is
best. I like Novatel but there are others that are good. Make sure you get
an unlimited plan because overage will eat you alive - just like cellular.