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I wouldl like to know what is the best defense for such in the future?
Does the Norton Internet Security offers enough protection for such ?

1. Learn to use System Restore:
Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> System Restore

Helpful in some cases, but ineffective against many of the nastier

2. Learn to do image backups. I suggest Norton Ghost 2003 (not Ghost
version 10) to a DVD drive or an external USB drive or burner.

For average people I recommend something like Maxtor OneTouch II
or <>.

For software alone I recommend EMC Dantz Retrospect

3. Organize your hard disk so that backups are easy. Locate the well
hidden directories where Microsoft buries its data files for Outlook,
Outlook Express, Windoze Address Book, Favorites, etc. Those should
also be backed up regularly. You can also use a USB dongle for
current work backups.

Good products do this automatically.

6. Get an Anti-Spyware program. I use Microsoft Defender Beta 2. A
good alternative is Spybot S&D 1.4.

Good against some things; ineffective against others.

7. Don't use Internet Exploder 6 for anything except Windoze Updates.
Download and install Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, Opera,
Eudora, or any other browser that knows how to *NOT* run ActiveX
controls from the web browser or email attachment. My observed level
of infections and attacks has decreased drastically since I abandoned
IE6 and OE6.

I think that's a bit harsh. Mozilla software has had a rash of recent
security gaffes, and IE6 is pretty robust will all updates applied.
While I like Firefox, it's a pretty bad memory hog.

8. Do updates regularly and often. ...

Excellent advice.

Another option that is becoming practical for home users is to run a
virtual OS that can be discarded and replaced easily without losing

Best regards, FAQ for Wireless Internet: <>
John Navas FAQ for Wi-Fi: <>
Wi-Fi How To: <>
Fixes to Wi-Fi Problems: <>

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