Re: The Hotspot Business


Thanks for pointing me to I'll try it - looks like what I need. Can you tell me how you implemented the paid service? What do you use for your payment page?

I agree with you about free access, but my area is one where customers want paid service, and if it's priced cheap, that's what they really want ... :o)


wizkid wrote:
I am, I have about 4 FreeSpots where the cost of the Internet connection is subsidized by the business offering it (doctors office, restaurant, etc.) and neighboring business that pay to have their advertisements included on it (accomplished by using software)

I also have 2 paid HotSpots where people pay $2.50 per session (meaning they pay to get on, so long as they are still connected and active that can continue as long as they want, when they go away and come back, or after a day when the DHCP lease expires, then they have to pay again)

Personally I'm not a big fan of the paid HotSpot idea, but some customers that's what they want. My take is it should be free, and find a way to justify the cost by offering advertisement or other services (coffee, lunch, whatever).

- Tom

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Is anyone making money as a hotspot operator? Is the Boingo "Hotspot in a Box" system a good one? I'm thinking of Boingo because it appears easy to set up and Boingo is big enough that we might gain significant roaming traffic. Boingo requires the WRV54G which I've heard has problems. Is there a better router/partner to use?

Thanks for any advice.