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Rico wrote:

Actually though, I wonder about the safety of living/working in an
environment so filled with ultra high freq RF. All those little blue
teeth, add in my wifi and the cell phone (the only reason I have a wired
phone is for the DSL) could make for a pretty active environment, Longer
term can this be good for gene structure?

You're right. I don't worry much about the radiation (I'm not planning to
use my genes for anything :-) ) but it can't be _good_ for you, even if it
can't be shown to be bad for you.

So what if it's not "good" for you?

Also I have resisted wireless
keyboards and mice so far as they all seem to need batteries. IMO better
to use power from the wall then constantly be off to Walmart for
batteries, but that really is just me.

I have a wireless mouse. What a _dumb_ mistake. It won't happen again. In
the first place, there's the battery issue. I think I needed new batteries
two weeks after I got it - so now I pull the battery whenever I'm not using
the computer (and naturally, the battery holder's almost shot - it's not
intended for battery replacement on a daily basis). Then there's the lack
of the wire - I keep dropping the mouse. The wired mouse in my office is
actually fastened to the keyboard tray, so that when I drop it it swings
two inches off the floor. My wireless mouse at home just hits the
ground :-(

I love my rechargeable cordless mouse. Never even come close to dropping it.

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