Re: Cracking WPA-PSK

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David Taylor <djtaylor@xxxxxxxxxxx> hath wroth:
Depends on how long you live and whether in your lifetime quantum
computers become the norm. If they do then all present known encryption
just becomes a whole bigger problem than your AP!

Quantum computers? The tiny keyboards on todays notebook and palmtop
computers are so small, I can barely type on them. Now, you want one
even smaller? Surely you jest. Unless power consumption also scales
accordingly, the power density of the accompanying power source could
easily approach a small bomb. As the devices get smaller, the
tendency for them to be susceptible to computation errors and soft
errors (from alpha paticles, cosmic raise, etc) becomes a problem:
In the future people will probably still continue scribbling their
passwords in obvious places. Perhaps by then, shared key security
will follow the dinosaurs.

What I really want is a personal black hole,

Get a cat. All houses/homes that have a cat have at least one blackhole
that swallows cat toys (this can be verfied by reading between the lines in
Hawkings' books on blackholes). So, once you are ready to discard an item
you just persuade the cat to play with it and over time the cat toy
blackhole in your home will swallow the device.

so I can dispose of all
the electronic and computer junk easily. Also, infinite bandwidth and
distance by communicating through a black hole or modulating

fundamentalism, fundamentally wrong.

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