Re: Pls help - want to travel wirelessly and ckeck emails

SMS wrote:

Mark McIntyre wrote:

On the other hand, accidentally leaving the door open, or accidentally
failing to secure your router, does NOT mean someone has carte blanche
to walk straight in.

Very difficult to prove that leaving it open was accidental, since so
many people intentionally leave their routers open for anyone to use,
often without an obvious SSID that indicates that it's free.

There is no good analogy that anyone has come up with that applies to
individuals intentionally leaving their wireless networks open without
explicitly advertising the fact that anyone can use it. The analogies of
cars and houses are especially ridiculous.

I don't believe so. Despite someone's previous statement that if you left
the door of your house open, you wouldn't be able to charge someone with
trespass, that's just not true. They wouldn't have committed the crime of
"break and enter" (or appropriate charge under your local statutes) but an
open door does not constitute permission to enter. There's absolutely no
need for the householder to prove that leaving the door open was an
accident. _Exactly_ the same is true of computer networks. It's true of
dial-up access, and I can't see wireless access being treated differently
(though cases will occur much more frequently than they ever did with
dial-up). If you come across a wireless network that you _believe_ is
intentionally open, you would be well advised to _check_ that fact, first.

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