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"momo2804@xxxxxxxxx" <momo2804@xxxxxxxxx> hath wroth:

I'm not sure of the exact nature but my role is to minimise the setup
time for the workstations so I need to somehow come up with a way to
configure all the SSIDs automatically for all the 6000+
workstations.......... ;-(

If all 6000+ workstations use the exact same wireless adapter, this
might be possible. However, I doubt it. The registry key is usually
located under the manufacturers ID such as:
The SSID is in plain text, but the WEP and WPA keys are normally
encrypted. I've never tried transplanting a WEP/WPA registry key
entry between machines but suspect it might not work.

Windoze has a variety of deployment tools. Back in the daze of NT, I
was using MS SMS (system management suffer) to deliver updates to
workstations and sometimes install entire applications. It barely
worked and screwed up badly on 3rd party applications (i.e. anti-virus

MS Server 2003 adds something similar with RIS (remote installation
services) in addition to MS SMS. I know zero about how it all works.
for clues.

Drivel: In the distant past, I've done some IP renumbering exercises
when two corporations merged. About 300 boxes in 3 locations. There
were some futile attempts to automate the process that were doomed
from the start by the wide variety of operating systems and
configurations. Instead, we just arranged a printed "script", found
as many college students as possible, did a dry run, and eventually
ruined a weekend juggling IP addresses. It worked well.

One of the IT managers mantra was "Never automate anything you only do
once". Methinks he was right.

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