Why would the IP addy of my WAP54G AP and repeater change..

Been living a horror story since installing WAP54G as AP and WAP45g as
repeater..Went to look at configs today and thier IP addresses were
different. Only found them by trying different IPs..
Could this have something to do with my
" Is anyone other then me using 2 WUSB54G's off the same AP.. I have a
WAP54g and 2 New Dell pc's and am trying to use USB adapters to
connect.. having all sorts of problems, Can't share printer between the

two, Getting "access violation at
address 004075e5 module WUSB54G4.exe of address 00000368" on both PC's
and having connect issues (one or the other drops off the net) " post ?
Thanks ,Ted O.