Re: Can excessive downloading mess up the router?

In article <j060u192vkq0g3n8dkjkkpm0md3nd24lnd@xxxxxxx>, Jeff Liebermann <jeffl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>John Navas <spamfilter0@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> hath wroth:
>>>WRT54G v5 latest firmware includes:
>>>Firmware 1.00.6
>>>- Resolves issues with instability when using Bittorent  <=====!!!
>>Translation:  It never occurred to us, even after all this time, that you
>>might actually push the darn thing a bit.
>Worse than that.  Linksys apparently went to the lowest bidder for the
>latest round of WRT54G hardware mutations.  Instead of the
>evolutionary, Linux based, time test, and debugged firmware, they went
>to a totally new vendor that scribbled something different in VxWorks.
>V5 is effectively a totally new product, complete with starting up the
>learning curve from zero.  It's not just the lack of load testing.
>It's that Linksys doesn't have a clue what users actually do with the

I'm not sure they don't know what users do with them, I think they are 
trying to ensure they don't hurt their Cisco biz. I know the products are 
not comparable, but look how many use MS Access (or try) instead of SQL 
Server or Oracle. Linksys/Cisco face a similar 'problem' and their solution 
is to make sure that you can't 'make do'. For heavy loads, use Cisco...

>>That's one.  Most of the other routers I've tested (Netgear, D-Link, etc.)
>>have had no problem with BitTorrent.

fundamentalism, fundamentally wrong.

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