Senao 2611CB3+Deluxe setup issue, network configuration issue, or both?

Apologies in advance for the lengthy problem description.

I use a 3054CB3+Deluxe AP at its default IP ( to support numerous laptops with 2511CD+ wireless client cards all with 192.168.168.XXX network addresses (no DHCP). The 3054CB3 AP is operating on Channel 10, SSID suppressed, WEP enabled, wired to the office switch, so as to extend the wired LAN.

The 2611CB3 issue arises because I need to add wireless support for a remote desktop, also at 192.168.168.XXX, and presently using a point-to-point link between a pair of Proxim 7921 XR RangeLAN2 500mw ethernet adapters, that I would like to decommission. One 7921 is on the desktop, the other is wired to the office switch; the office was previously all Proxim.

Given success with the coverage provided by the 3054CB3, I acquired a 2611CB3+Deluxe as a wireless ethernet adapter (wireless client bridge), to act as a point-to-point link to the remote desktop.

The 2611CB3 is attached to the desktop's 100/10Tx ethernet card via Cat 5 crossover cable. I get good link lights on both ends.

I have set up the 2611CB3+Deluxe as a point-to-point client bridge at, also on Channel 10, with the office SSID and WEP key. I flashed the 2611CB3+Deluxe to the latest firmware level: 2.0.0/1.1.1/1.8.0/1.3.8. I get good link and WLAN lights.

I can manage the 2611CB3+Deluxe from the desktop via a browser interface from

The 2611CB3 bridge indicates it is connected to my SSID on the 3054CB3 on Channel 10 at 100% signal quality, and it shows the desktop's IP in the bridge table. So far, so good. Great signal quality, in fact.

The problem is I cannot get network connectivity from the desktop via the 2611CB3+Deluxe bridge. I have tried other channels on the 2611CB3+Deluxe, as well. Also tried using the 3054 in bridge (as opposed to AP) mode. And I tried placing both 3054 and 2611 on the .168 .XXX subnet; no change.

The setup guide suggests this is a plug and play situation, so I clearly must be doing something wrong or overlooking something. The network worked fine with the 3054 in AP mode, serving only laptops running the 2511CD cards. The 2611's radio clearly works, so I am guessing there is a network design problem.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you may be able to offer.