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On 23 Nov 2005 17:52:40 -0800, suresh739@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

>hi guys i have sony laptop. I have connected to internet via wireless
>network connection. On wireless icon i shows that it is connected but i
>am unable open any webpage. All it throughs an error saying that search
>page couldn't be opened. Can any help me out?

Nope. Can't help you. That's because you didn't bother to supply the
model of the Sony, the operating system you're using, what make and
model wireless router you have, and how you connect to the internet.
Also what program owns the "wireless icon". In other words, the
limited information you supplies is terminally vague and insuffient to
supply a guess.

Well, actually, I do have a very bad guess. My crystal ball is back
from the service shop. It tells me that you're using WEP encryption
with an ASCII WEP encryption key. Some routers and clients have
problems translating the ASCII encryption key into Hexydecimal.
Windoze XP offers no diagnostics beyond a stupid "limited
connectivity" error and will not tell you that the encryption key was
rejected by the router. Use a Hex key, and it should work.

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