Re: Linksys WMP54G & WAG54G can't get through gateway

On Sun, 21 Aug 2005 11:47:41 GMT, Red Bright <m@xxxxx> wrote:

>Hope someone can help. I'm trying to configure the above units for a
>friend on a Win98 machine.
>Everything seems to be set correctly on both the Linksys ADSL Gateway
>(WMP54G v2) and on the client PC using the WAG54G nic.
>The PC can see the WMP54G and is assigned an IP address from it acting
>as a DHCP server. The WMP54G itself can see the ISP and get an IP
>address from their DHCP.
>The WMP54G has a diagnostic utility that allows you to ping addresses
>from it on to the WAN side. This has been successful in pinging some
>IP addresses (hotmail, cnn, google) but not all.
>However the PC cannot ping across the WMP54G or access any internet
>Web sites etc.

1. Can the PC ping the WMP54G router?

2. The WAG54G should also have an IP address assigned to it by DHCP
from the router. Can you ping it? The address has nothing to do with
connectivity and is used only to configure the WAG54G.

>Any suggestions on what might be going on here / what next to try?

1. Check the default route on the PC and make sure it points to the
IP address of the WMP54G router. Run:
start -> run -> <enter>

2. Check your c:\windoze\hosts file and make sure that it's not
populated with a bunch of junk like:
Some viruses add this to the hosts file to prevent you from accessing
anti-virus web sites and downloading fixes.

3. Check if your DNS servers are correct and working. If you
manually setup the IP addresses in the router, double check that these
are valid DNS servers. Also run:
ipconfig /all | find /I "dns"
to see if what the Win98 box thinks is the DNS server. It should
point to the WMP54G router.

4. Try disabling the wireless and plugging the Windoze box directly
into the router using a CAT5 ethernet cable. If the symptoms persist,
then there's something wrong with the Win98 PC. I suggest borrowing a
known working machine, verifying that the router and ISP connection is
functional, and then concentrating the troubleshooting the part of the
puzzle that's broken.

5. Disable any software firewalls on the Win98 PC while testing.

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