Re: A netcard driver failed the query for OID_GEN_LINK_SPEED How do you fix?

On Sun, 17 Jul 2005 23:42:17 -0400, Jefferis NoSpamme
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>This is an X1030US and the problem appeared both when running under native
>Windows wireless and the Intel Proset for the wireless internal card.

Well, they both use the same NDIS 5 driver, so changing the
configuration program doesn't really identify the source.

>a PCMCIA Card in the slot be able to check the problem?

No, it won't identify the culprit, but it might circumvent the
problem. If it really is a hardware issue involving the MiniPCI
wireless card, then replaceing the card *MIGHT* offer a solution. If
you have a different PCMCIA wireless card, I suggest that you:
1. Uninstall the Intel Proset Drivers for your existing card.
2. Physically remove the MiniPCI Intel wireless card.
3. Install the replacement wireless PCMCIA card and drivers.
I would suggest replacement with another MiniPCI wireless card,
instead of a PCMCIA card, but it might be fun to try it, especially if
you have one.

>I.e., if the
>problem doesn't occur with the PCMCIA Card, then that isolates at least the
>internal hardware ?

Well, sorta. If you get good reliable wireless connectivity with a
PCMCIA card, with the internal MiniPCI card removed, then you are
fairly sure it's either the MiniPCI card driver or hardware. Yeah,
methinks it's worth the effort trying.

However, my best guess(tm) is still based on dirt and overheating.
I've seen it all too often. Blow the vents and fans out anyway. Make
sure the cooling system actually works. Look for overheating (extra
hot exhaust air). Removeing the keyboard to expose the fans and
internals isn't too awful.

>I am printing out your email for further review and testing. I suspected it
>might be a hardware problem. No amount of tech help from india would have
>solved it :-(

Don't be so hard on India. Their personnel are restricted to
providing guesses based solely what can be found on the HP web pile.
For most issues, this is probably adequate. No way are they going to
refer you to a mailing list, newsgroup, blog, or web pile, that might
have clues as to the cause of your problem. I've pushed for the
ability for support organizations to do this, but have been blocked by
the pontential compensatory and liability issues. In addition,
support personnel often have little experience with the actual
hardware as it is often necessary to get one's hands dirty in order to
supply intelligent answers and direction.

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