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>Does anyone maintain a list of incompatible wireless cards?
>I have just bought a cheap Edimax PCI 54g card and a cheap Actiontec ADSL
>Everything else I've got interfaces fine with the router, including a
>Linksys USB 11Mb, the built in 54g module in an Acer laptop, an old Buffalo
>11Mb PC card and my printer server (also Edimax). They all work up to the
>level of security for which they were originally designed.
>Unfortunately the Edimax PCI card will only talk unsecured (which works
>fine). It won't work with 64bit or 128bit WEP or WPA. They just say
>"Acquiring network address" for several minutes and end up with a crappy
>169.x address.

most likely you just have the key input in the wrong format. Some
vendors use ASCII, some use hex, some use passphrases etc etc. Its a
bit of a lottery getting it right,

>Have I any chance of getting this card to work, or should I just send it
>back and try another make?

Sure, it;ll work - if its wifi certified it more or less has to - but
it might take a while to figure out the format.
Mark McIntyre
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