Re: Log-in web portal for your wifi network

hi im trying to setup a captive portal with a paid access on a dsa-3200
hotspot wireless gateway just as simple a i can make it if you have some
samples would like them to try them put

xuma100@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> This project is a "captive portal". A captive portal forces
> anyone who
> connects to a network for the first time to a specific web page. There
> they can find out who is providing this access and typically
> acknowledge the rules of access.

> All of the captive portal installations I know of (NoCatAuth, m0n0wall,
> etc...) require a dedicated computer to run on 24/7 as well as a
> computer geek tu install and mantain the animal.

> In view of this I decided to develope a captive portal system that does
> not requires any software or hardware installation (other than the
> router and internet connection, obviously).

> I will share the sources with anyone interested in the project, at
> present in a beta stage. It is based exclusively on the DNS protocol
> and all it requires in order to run is a simple configuration of the
> router.

> If you want to try it you must configure your router as follows:

> - enable DHCP

> - set DHCP parameter "DNS" to

> then reset your wifi card, open your favorite browser and try it, login
> with password "test" without the quotes.

> There's a form for comments on the portal's entry page. Collaborators
> are welcome.

> elrapido (at) mixmail (dot) com

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