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Hi !

Do folks in Europe see the LEGO version with the letters askew,
and with the figure standing on top?

No, here it look's normal. "Here" being Denmark ;-)))

Here in Germany it looked fine also, Really neat with the legos.


I forgot you're still over there.

Only for a couple of months.:-) I am leaving early so I can go ahead and get things together at our new(old 127 years) house. The electric company has screwed us over here then they found out we over paid them after they said we owed them a huge amount of money. Anyway having 2 house payments basically 2 electric bills as we left the electric on in our house we bought so the pipes don't freeze. Plus my family goes out there, so if they want a country break then it is ok.

I will miss it here though as I love Germany, but I am finally glad to be moving back where my family lives and I am happy for that.


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