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According to sources close to Google, the reason for a huge delay in the PageRank update this quarter can be attributed directly to the new algorithm used to judge the quality scores of websites. This new algorithm is taking longer than normal due to server overload.

Its also being reported that after receiving numerous feedback regarding the “uselessness” of PageRank from webmasters they will be releasing a new set of variables that ranks websites and assigns the number we all know as PR.

The information I’m receiving is the new name will be “WebRank” moving forward rather than the typical “PageRank” that most people know it as. The variables that I’ve been told place more weight on:
1. Content
2. Links to the Site
3. Relevant Sites Linking to

As of right now this is all the information that I’ve been given. I’ll post more as I’ll be speaking with a representative in 12 hours or so.

Oh that is just so silly. Talk about creating a post - citing no sources - to create linkbait (the site in question, not you, Jez). Looks like it is working.

While Google may change the algorithm that determines PageRank (and it's likely already happened many times), they are not going to discontinue it. And, WebRank is trademarked by Yahoo already.

There is a big thread about this at DigitalPoint.

Don't believe everything you read ~ !


Yeah, there is far too much speculation going on over the late PR update. I don't know if it's the most eagerly awaited update for some reason? I have never seen so many PR threads at DP. I am personally interested to see if my PR sises for one of my sites and usually I am content to wait until the TBPR update and not keep looking on the DC's

(the site in question, not you, Jez)

Yes, God forbid I be able to think of an effective linkbait idea :S :-)