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Big Bill wrote:
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Further to my last post the indes google search title should not be
appearing as White Rock Travel and Cruises or White Rock Travel....when
you search those two names my site is the one related to the title
which is not correct ..

You have White Rock on your page as it's part of the address for

You also have the word travel on your page, not surprisingly as travel
is a word naturally associated with the term holidays.

So, a search for white rock travel brings you up in the search

Clearly, your appearance in the serps is unintentional and
coincidental, it's a natural consequence of how Google's algorithm
works. If the White Rock people don't understand that it isn't your
fault. If they didn't want their name to come up in response to
certain related queries in Google then they should have structured
their company name to so determine that.

You've done nothing wrong, that's all there is to it. If they don't
like it, they'll have to change their name. The only alternative would
be for them to insist that every other travel company in the world
removes the words white, rock, and travel from their pages, which
seems both unlikely and unreasonable.


Hmmm, does this mean you'll be appearing in my inbox at home again, I