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Catherine Milton wrote:
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On Mon, 10 Apr 2006 06:24:49 +0200, Catherine Milton
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#layer1 {position:absolute; left:100;top:100; z-Index:0}
#layer2 {position:absolute; left:140;top:140; z-Index:1}

What kind of layout are you trying to produce?


At the moment I'm learning how to do the layers. Once I've learned, I'll
apply it to my site. I'm not asking anyone to do it for me, I'm asking you
to help me do it for myself, by explaining a) the difference between html
and xhtml and if it's worth changing to the other one, and b) whether
there's another way of creating layers that doesn't need xhtl, and c) if the
code I reproduced is, in actual fact, xhtml.

The code I put here (previous post) was code used as an example in one of
the tutorials, and I wanted to find out how to make it work using html,
instead of xhtml, since the site didn't specifiy what version of html it was

I appreciate any assistance I can use.

Hi Catherine,

Could you, assuming you haven't already got a "working" document online to show us your problem, make a sketch or image of what you want to achieve?


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