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I haven't created the page, I'm still playing with it.

It's hard to answer a question based on "playing".

There's a site
called which gives a whole lot of examples of how
CSS can enhance your site, so after playing with their examples I
found that there's a way of layering using id, which will allow me to
put my conetent first, and still have the pictures and links appearing
above them.

If you think a SE bot cares about order, you're mistaken IMO. It's an old
SEO myth that you have to order your content. Just a quick peek at several
sites show that this is bs.

I couldn't work out how they did it, exactly, so I then
found another site which shows you how
to create the layers, simply put. Actually, very good for the
layperson. I took their example and applied it on my page, but it
wouldn't work. I then removed the doctype from the top of the page,
and it worked. As their example didn't show a doctype I tried to find
out what doctype it was, and have found that xhtml works. Hence the
desire to find a way of layering with html.

You probably want to read on float, positioning and CSS.

Here's the code.... it works without a doctype, but doesn't with doctype

<style type="text/css">
#layer1 {position:absolute; left:100;top:100; z-Index:0}
#layer2 {position:absolute; left:140;top:140; z-Index:1}


<div id="layer1">
<table border="1" bgcolor="#FFCC00">
<td>THIS IS LAYER 1<br />
POSITIONED AT 100,100</td>
<div id="layer2">
<table border="1" bgcolor="#00CCFF">
<td>THIS IS LAYER 2<br />
POSITIONED AT 140,140</td>

None of this answers the question about html vs xhtml. What happened to the
maxim: no question is a stupid queston?