Re: Does It or Does It Not?

David <seodave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On 23 Oct 2005 02:59:10 GMT, John Bokma <john@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>David <seodave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> On 22 Oct 2005 19:11:37 GMT, John Bokma <john@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>> wrote:
>>> Too hypothetical for me, the idea you are an authority on SEO is too
>>> much :-D
>>Yet you're still impressed with what I do, which is ok with me :-D
> If you mean am I impressed with almost 5,000 visitors a day with the
> relatively small amount of content, then yes.
> BTW How many of those visitors aren't from search engines?

I thought you already new everything about my page, since you come
everytime up with numbers (you pose as educated guesses, which is

Anyway, over a 1000 every day.

> Yes. Last time I checked I'd say your PR7 was quite strong,

Can you explain how you calculate this?

> so you
> could leak quite a bit before you see your home page PR drop on the
> toolbar. Might never drop below PR7 since most of your PR comes from
> one link, so if that site did something stupid you could see a drop
> with out doing anything wrong, but if it always stays strong you
> should never drop below PR7.

As I explained, that link was once on Last time I
checked, it was 6 (It was 7 for quite some time after removing the

> The important thing is not to waste too much PR on other sites (unless
> you want to) since each link sends possible benefit away from your
> site that could be used to power a new page(s).

I think I gain more then losing by linking to others.

> My approach is to avoid linking to external sites (I don't own) from
> the most important pages (highest PR). Linking to half a dozen
> external sites from a deep PR3 page will not cause your site a serious
> PR leak, doing the same from your PR7 home page would be nuts!

I prefer to think about what my visitor wants, or better, what I want,
PageRank comes second.

>>And imagine what I can do if it keeps growing like this :-D.
> Do you make much money from that site?

I already do, as a Perl programmer. I explained several times, at great
length even, that I am only one Perl programmer. And no, I don't want to
outsource to $3/hour Perl programmers.

>>That's like saying: I used a bit too much bait, but hey, I caught more
>>fish then ever :-D.
> Very true.
> BTW It looks like your site isn't transferring PR to your 'sponsors',
> if I recall correctly they were adding in time for this PR update!

Odd, since I use normal links, no tricks. And yes, those links are there
quite some time.

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