Re: how many pages from a site can be ranked high?

Borek wrote:

> Interesting thing happened.

> One of the words I have optimized one of my pages for is
> "dyslektyk".
> Not very competitive SERP, so I was able to position it as #3
> and #4 (almost without IBLs, just on-page optimization) with two
> pages:

> (a)
> (b)

> That was situation last week. Then I decided that the page (b) -
> which is an entry point for someone looking for my program - is
> not designed for conversion. So I added new page:

> (c)

> that is (hopefully) more 'catchy'. KW density and internal links
> are almost identical as for old page. Google spidered new page few
> days ago and yesterday it appeared in the SERPS - replacing page
> (b) on the #4. So far everything looks logical. What is really
> interesting is that page (b) - not modified - DISSAPEARED form
> the first 500!

> The only explanation I can think of is that in some situations
> there is a limit set on the number of pages displayed from one
> domain for one KW. Any other ideas?

I bet what happened was: Google decided that you have just updated your
existing page. Their bot has problems reading URLs containing query
variables. In your case the first did not change at all:
?left=dyslektyk-2, and only the second one (right=...) changed. They
decided, and I believe rightfully so, that it's a secondary parameter that
does not create a whole new page and maybe only used for tracking purposes
or something similar. In this case I would absolutely use mod_rewrite and
make them appear as two different static URLs. If for whatever reason you
cannot use mod_rewrite, just try to swap the first and the second
parameters. In most cases they are able to read first parameter OK, so
they will get the idea that it's a different page. I don't believe the
sequence of query variable matters for your script, so you don't have to
do any adjustments to the script.

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