Re: OT personal choice of browser?

On 8/19/2011 11:03 AM, William Gill wrote:
I seem to be encountering more and more difficulty with sites I visit
(for personal business) using Firefox. Some render incorrectly, some
just malfunction.

Post up some examples if you can. I've seen a few large commercial sites (like for banks or utilities) that had issues in FF but they also had problems in IE. Too clever by half, I think...

I'm used to some sites having a serious IE bias, but just for grins I
tried them with several other browsers (Opera, Safari, etc.) and was
surprised to see that only FF was misbehaving. So I thought I'd poll to
see who uses which browser.

Most web developers on the windows side use FF, on the Mac side it is Safari. For me the web dev tools are what I want, and what I'm used to. IE tools drive me crazy.

I'm mid level in what I use and do and just don't see much difference between any of the current issue browsers in rendering.

FF seems to be more of a resource hog, not sure about FF6.0 yet. On a skimpy system IE may work best with a lower footprint than even Opera. With that said I saw a computer a few days ago that had 256 megs and XP Pro and ran Chrome, IE and FF. Slowly, but running.