Re: posting an html file to usenet groups

On Jan 7, 12:47 pm, richard <mem...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Ok before you go bashing me, my intent here is to find out how one goes
about posting an html file, as an attachment, to a binary news group.
I tried it once in a test group and the attachment did not get posted as an
attachment, instead, it just became part of the message.

It depends on how the group is configured. Many Usenet groups will not
accept html and those that do get many negative comments. Usenet dates
from a very early era of the internet, and at one time bandwidth was
much more of a concern than now. Also I would hate to think of the
commercial ad spam you would get if html were widely used on Usenet.
For many of the newer formats for forums, bulletin boards, blogs, etc,
html posts, sometimes with a few restrictions, are allowed depending
on how the owner of the group desires to set it up. Usually such
groups that allow html also allow the owner to ban posts from those
who abuse html posting policies.

The early WebTV boxes allowed html posts on both their special groups
and email. I hear that even Javascriot was supported early on, but
that support was soon dropped because of security concerns.

As I recall from the old OE stationery groups, which are all but dried up
now, there was something about needing a clssid to go with it.

A clssid usually concerns an ActiveX object that in gereral is
supported by IE and a few close relatives.

So what's so damning about posting html to a binary group?
Isn't that what binary is all about?

I will leave this for others :-).

So what's the trick in posting html attachments?

Just avoid this by posting a url. On email from large commercial sites
such as newspapers, you can often select to receive either plain text
or html with images and even video content. You can view the source
code for what is going on, and there is more detail than many private
persons would want to use for personal emil.