Re: Floats: What am I doing wrong?

On Tue, 10 Aug 2010 17:10:09 -0400, "Jonathan N. Little"
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Padmar Mushkin wrote:
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I don't think this would work in my case. The background image will
come from different sources and have different sizes. Wouldn't it need
it's own div to make sure it fits in a 55x55 px square?

But the
question is whether the text should be in a full-width column if it
continues vertically below bottom of the image
No, I want the space below the image to be blank.

Take the float off of ,text and add a left margin of the width of your
image + whatever your margin from image...

/* width of image 55px + 10px margin... */
margin-left: 65px;

Perfect! Thanks!