Re: 'Back Button (Arrow)' Puzzle ?

Mel Smith wrote:

Enviro: IE7, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari browsing my own website
( and its real estate listings.

As a newbie, I've been fussing over the last day or so about an
annoying characteristic of the 'Back Button' of the above browsers.

On some *external* sites I visit (from one of my pages on my own
site), my 'back button' fails to return me to the previous page. When
I press this button, the current page reloads again, and again. This
is highly annoying to me (and to my visitors).

After a quick glance, I'd guess that your Back button problem is due to
the fact that your entire site is enclosed in frames.

Where is there a link to an "external site?"

My default text size is apparently larger than yours. Those two buttons
(Login for Directory and Click to Visit Us) are on top of, and obscuring
the content, and the text in the Latest News & Events escapes its yellow
box. Most of that is due to your overuse of "position: absolute" and
exact pixel sizing. That never works.

Test it yourself by upping the text size (but not zoom the whole page.

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