Re: Problems with uploading to server

will wrote:
Harlan Messinger wrote:
will wrote:
Hi folks, I need help and do not know where to search; know, some
will say "off-topic", but cannot help, except apologize.
I have some stuff posted and would like to change it, replacing it
with some that is edited. But server keeps the same post, even
though I have deleted it and replaced with the new stuff. The agony
is on for days, and I did everything that the people at the server
suggested. I have developed such headaches that is hard to beleive.
Any idea what could it be?
Instead of making people waste time giving you ideas that you were
already given and that you found not to work, would you mind
explaining what ideas *didn't* work?

I am using FileZila as FTP client. On it do not appear all my sites, just those made manually by some person at the server; I wanted to add few more but they do not show up.
Now, I incorporated the new stuff with the old, reediting it completelly, and it does not load my new stuf, but instead keeps posting the very old stuff; which was edited a few times, but I see that it keeps the original post.
I was deliting the posted material, instead overwriting it, and do not see how is the old material still there.

Are you uploading HTML pages to a Web site?

Ed Mullen
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