Web site display problems

My cousin had a firm design a site for him and I just checked it out today. On my system (Win XP Pro) I saw some problems.

1. Content is missing on the "About Pat" "Author" and "Speaker" pages when displayed in Mozilla-based browsers (SeaMonkey 1.1.14, Firefox
2. The Paypal "Order Now" button returns an error page in SeaMonkey.
3. In all the browsers I tested (IE7, Safari for Windows, Firefox, SeaMonkey) there are display issues when browser text (or page) is zoomed.



Safari Windows

screenshots taken at 1280 x 1024 resolution.

IE6 screen shot taken at 1024 x. 768 resolution.

Pat replied that his Firefox (no version or OS given) had no problems. I checked Firefox using a virgin profile and had the same problems.

I'd much appreciate anyone who can take the time to test the site and report any thoughts/problems.

I did peruse the CSS and it uses a lot of pixel-specific code.

Oddly, the best rendition of the site seemed to be in Safari for Windows.

Thanks in advance.

Ed Mullen
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