Re: non-standard characters

I'm using Internet Explorer 6; I really thought this would be simple;
if for example I want to key a stressed E in Word /I put on Numbers
lock, hold down the alt key and key in 130; isn't there something as
simple as that for a flat sign?


On 9 Mar, 20:01, "Jukka K. Korpela" <jkorp...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
thedarkman wrote:
The first one makes a square, the second gives a W but with the wrong
type of stress.

I actually wrote about caveats, too. But you seem to keep missing points
since you quote comprehensively instead of reading comprehensively.

Thanks anyway.

You're welcome. To get real help, you need to read the responses you get -
and to post a URL (and specify browser).



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