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On Tue, 22 Jul 2008 11:49:54 -0700, Blinky the Shark wrote:

Harlan Messinger wrote:

Jim S wrote:
My use of the <br> tag has been criticised in favour of <p></p> paragraph
Since the latter involves 'before and after' line formatting, it seems to
be taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut.
I'm sure there must be a reason, but I can't see it.
Explain please.

Paragraphs are paragraphs and should be marked as paragraphs. Things
that aren't paragraphs, shouldn't be.

I think if you look at Jim's...uh..."paragraph", above, you'll see why
he's unsure of the concept. Even without consideration of markup, using
plain text, his use of a newline after every period (full stop; sentence)
shows confusion about the whole concept of the paragraph.

Why do you think this is a sledgehammer? I'm not sure what you mean by
"before and after line formatting", but if you're referring to the
vertical margin between paragraphs, that's a normal way to arrange
paragraphs. If you'd rather indent the first line of your paragraphs and
not have a margin between them, use CSS to change their layout.

See above.

Blinky you are a tit.
No-one writes paragraphs in usenet, because each newsreader displays text
in its own peculiar way.
I came here as usual for help, but it's very scarce.
If my pages would be 'better' for the use of paragraphs then I might use
them, but I was looking for someone to explain why. I can and do use
paragraphs where continuous text is involved, but that is not where the
criticism was directed.
Jim S
Tyneside UK

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