Re: Best css hack / trick to recommend?

On Jun 24, 12:10 am, Bergamot <berga...@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Yawn. Ignoring the animated "page" transitions (which I find gimicky and
dated, not to mention choppy)

But those it was targeted to find it exciting, fun, and enjoyable

wander over to the CSS zen garden and


Design-wise, I'm not really impressed
with them, either, mostly because they tend to fall apart with my
browser settings.

You are not in the target audience, so you really don't matter as far
as the site is concerned. As it should be.

How many people here do you think fall into that demographic? Not me,

Here? Probably 50%. How many will see the movie? Probably 40-50%%.
How many in the world can see it? 80+% of the target audience.