Re: site coding review!?

catalyst wrote:
"catalyst" <catalyst@xxxxxx> wrote in message
There some errors in coding which i'm trying to repair to improve, but am
not managing to well, so asking for a quick look...thanks!

You have an unhealthy mix of HTML presentational attributes, inline
styles and CSS. This will make maintenance a huge pain in the neck. I
suggest you

- get rid of all <font> elements, use external CSS instead
- get rid of all inline styles, use external CSS instead
- get rid of all HTML presentational attributes like align, except for
height and width attributes on <img> elements, use external CSS instead

It will make life sooooooooo much easier in the future.

Also get rid of all the excess JavaScript, on the navigation links in
particular. It does nothing except add bloat to the HTML. All the
onclick and mouseover actions can easily be done with CSS in a fraction
of the code.

Maybe you should find yourself a nice template that already has the
general layout you're looking for, and start with that. There are plenty
of free ones out there, some are over at

Sample navigation menus can be found at

You should also have a look at

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