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Good morning,

I developed a very straight forward html page using dreamweaver. I
spent hours (I'm learning) to get the layout and colors just right.
Now that I have put it in place, a couple user commented on the
colors. When I saw the page on there PCs the colors are completly
different from that which appears on my laptop. Why is there a
difference and how can I set it up so what I develop is actually what
the person at the other end will see as well?

Thank you in advance,

As others have noted in this thread, getting identical color (or colour) reproduction on a wide range of potential target systems for a wide range of humanoids is a challenging exercise and in many instances just not achievable.

A prudent approach is to pick complementary colors that provide acceptable contrast. Also, avoid subtle pastels (especially for text) that tend to wash out on less than high end monitors. Awareness of your target audience and any potential visual limitations will be helpful as well in the process.

There's an online tool that will assist you in these decisions at:

The tool has selections to approximate how specific colors are perceived based on a number of color perception limitations.

There are also some downloadable tools at:

for both Mac and PC.

These tools will not necessarily get you to your goal of identical color reproduction, but with the right choices, can produce acceptable results.