Re: Expanding transarent cell without javascript?

"Neredbojias" <me@> wrote in message news:Xns9A7F2D1529778neredbojiasnano@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
On 13 Apr 2008, "Andrew Bailey" <andy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Is it possible to replicate my expanding cell example without

Okay, I did a little putzin' with your page. -Didn't check for any
extant errors, but replaced j/s with ss. See it here:

Thanks for looking, coding and replying.

Your example works in FireFox but not in IE7... welcome to THE
PROBLEM... hehe

Hehehe, IE is always good for a novel challenge.

Try 'er agin:

Great sights and sounds

Hi Neredbojias,

Thanks again for having a go, however you still don't get the cigar, here's why...

1: You're cheating!!! (gasp), sorry, but your cell does not expand,,, you're just reloading the same page but using php to alter the content... in effect you're just displaying my static (non-expanding) cell with two different version of the content.

2: (Forgivable coz I'm still working on this one). There seems to be an IE7 bug. Visit your test url in IE7, switch to another page on a different tab for 3 seconds or more then switch back. Notice how the cell is no-longer transparent?

Fancy another go?

I'm gonna have another attempt this afternoon so let's see who cracks it first ;)




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