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It is an American thing, I understand, that "alternate" can be used as
an alternative to "alternative"
Indeed. Outside the US, alternate means, as a verb "to switch between
alternatives" and as an adjective it roughly means "every second" (by
"second", I mean the ordinal of two, not the unit of time).

verb e.g.: I like to alternate between ham sandwiches and cheese
sandwiches for lunch.

noun e.g.: I have ham and cheese in my sandwiches on alternate lunches.

*That* is an adjective.

Correct, noun e.g.: If John cannot make it then Sam will be the alternate.

I believe that is still an adjective.

"Sam will be the alternate juror."
"Sam will be the alternate." --
where, "juror" is the _implied_ object of the sentence and
"alternate" is the modifier.

But you don't use adjectives like that. You don't say "this is the red"
instead of "this is the red car", but "this is the red one" (pronoun).

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