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When I point the validator to a URL, does it scan the site for ALL
pages or does it just scan the individual page you have selected? If I
had 500 pages in a site would one have to validate each one

Hi Mike,
Others have answered your question quite well. I will add that there are
a couple of options for validating multiple pages at one go. The WDG
validator ( has a "validate entire
site" option, but last time I tried it (which was a while ago), it
limited itself to 100 pages.

Well, I only actually have about 7 pages, but expect it to go to maybe
20 at most. I'll look.

My validator ( doesn't have that limit and
provides some additional features that you might find valuable. It's
free to use now, but won't be forever.

"This space left intentionally blank." WHY do that? :) What going in

Good luck with whatever you choose