Re: For those that hand code...

Mike Barnard wrote:

What sort of system do you have in place to reduce the amount of
repeat coding you do in a single site when creating new pages?

Look into writing with server-side includes. PHP is rather easy for
this, and (most?) all Linux web servers support it.

What do I mean? Well, Dreamweaver etc will keep a template for you I
understand, so if you want a new page in your site just call it up
and add your data. But if hand coding what do *you* do? Design a
template, keep a content free copy I suppose and copy a renamed
version then add the new content.

Keeping a content-free template is a great idea.
<div id="content">
"<!-- add content here -->

Open it, and resave with the name of the new file.

BUT, then you have to update the menus on all of the already created
pages to match. Again and again maybe if the site is growing.

Not if your menu is a separate, single file you "include". Same goes for
the banner file, the footer file, and so forth. Even the doctype and
<head> block if you want to.

I suppose the easiest way for that is to cut n paste the menu, but in
my case it will still need tweaking on each page

...only if you don't "include" the common parts.

to have the current page showing by use of the 'name the page body'
system. (That doesn't read right, but work with me.)

You're right .. hard to parse that.

Is there an easier system, or is that just it? (Or am I being blind

You're a Windows user? Look at the Crimson Editor. Besides being an
excellent color-coded editor, it's a great project manager. Don't worry
about its age.

And if you don't have a development web server installed yet, see: .. the Winders version of LAMP.

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