Re: Use of the Symbol font not recognized by Mozilla ..???

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I wanted to use some greek letters on my web page, and discovered that
using the Symbol font would do the trick as far as MS Word, and MS
Explorer are concerned.

You don't need any special font.

However, I now see that Mozilla Firefox does not recognize this font
and the correct characters are not displayed.

Can you post a URL to a test case? Modern browsers are able to display
almost any char. Test for yourself:


You're right ... the page you linked displays fine on my Mozilla
browser..... so ... there is a solution !

Here is a page that uses the Symbol font for Greek letters that
doesn't display correctly ...

Here is a formula that is supposed to contain Greek letters, as it
displays on my Mozilla browser

T = L/(c + v) + L/(c - v) = 2cL/(c2 - v2) = 2L/c(1 - v2/c2) = 2L/c g2

(the g is a Symbol font character ... but it's displaying as just a g)

Thanks ... !

In that case, you could probably use the equivelant "&#" assignment.
As well as the "&name" like in "&iota".

Yep, that'll do it. Thanks.