Re: Update to my old 3 column layout template

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Els wrote:

Freezes my IE7 (Windows XP Home).

I still think that's cool, but I've made efforts to fix it anyway.

Even better, although freezing by definition is the coolest thing of

It seems to me that it may be caused by repeatedly reassigning the
document.body.onresize event handler, which is a bit of a dumb thing for
my script to have done anyway, so I've made a slight adjustment to it.

Funny how you make it sound like your script is doing dumb things on
its own ;-)

By now, TI probably sees his scripts as having a life of their

But seriously, I have sometimes wondered how God thinks humans do
dumb and bad things all on their own. Perhaps He realised
guiltily the true situation when He sent His Son to try to
alleviate the mess?

How is it now?

Same thing, but now it's better in Firefox: it redraws the height of
the middle column right after narrowing the window.

.... and maybe also fixed what I was yesterday seeing in iCab 3.0.3