Re: problems with table layout

On Oct 30, 7:10 am, "Beauregard T. Shagnasty"
<a.nony.m...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Andy Dingley wrote:
Be warned that many newsgroups (for obscure but excellent historical
reasons) have a real problem with new or unknown posters called
"richard". The slightest sign of forgiveable naivety (not posting URLs
to your work so far isn't popular) is likely to see you labelled as a
total idiot and ignored. As you also appear to post to trucking
newsgroups, it's probably justified. If you post to trucking
newsgroups you'll probably understand why, even if you don't deserve

This "richard" is of course Bullis.

From: richard <lordoftheb...@xxxxxxxxx>

Brilliant deduction Dr. Watson.. Precisley the reason why I chose that
addy. So that people would not have to second guess who it was. Which
is also a spam trap addy. Reply to it, I don't care. I nev er read the
mail in it.

3 guesses as to who you are in real life. As you only seem to appear
whenever a certain other poster appears. Coincidence?