Re: Server-specific strangeness? THANKS

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Neredbojias <monstersquasher@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Well bust mah britches and call me cheeky, on Thu, 18 Oct 2007 06:46:09 GMT
dorayme scribed:

In article <Xns99CCE5D0BDAB0nanopandaneredbojias@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
Neredbojias <monstersquasher@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

how did you deduce this? Seems a bit of a non-sequitir from here.

Would you know a deduction from an induction from a reduction
from an abduction?

Between the 2 of us, who would you say has a better grasp of the English
language? I'm not pointing this out just to "rub it in", although as a
woman you should be used to coming in second.

Yeah, well, as a schoolboy, I am going to corner you today near
that old Elm tree and make you drink frog soup which I made in Mr
Castle's 4a science class Wed avo prac session. You won't be so
brazen then...


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