Re: Problem with css

Shelly wrote:
Thank you very much. That did the trick!

But Shelly forget the CSS, if you are a PHP coder what the hell are you doing with "mailto" in links?

<your code>
<a href="mailto:without1@xxxxx";>without_1&nbsp;&nbsp;</a>
<a href="mailto:without2@xxxxx";>without_2</a>
<a href="mailto:main1@xxxxx"; style="main">main_1&nbsp;&nbsp;</a>
<a href="mailto:main2@xxxxx"; style="main">main_2</a>
</your code>

Tisk-tisk! And what happens to the webmail only folks? Should be at least:

<a href="processing.php?do=without1">without_1&nbsp;&nbsp;</a>
<a href="processing.php?do=without2>without_2</a>
<a href="processing.php?do=main1" style="main">main_1&nbsp;&nbsp;</a>
<a href="processing.php?do=main2" style="main">main_2</a

Take care,


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